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Interaction Asia
Special Issue on Crisis Management

To the faithful readers of Interaction Asia
In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on 11 March 2011, Japan received kind messages of condolences and assistance from countries all over the world, including ANMC21 member cities. For these, we are truly grateful. While we have not yet recovered from the wounds inflicted by the disaster, Japan, as well as Tokyo, are putting our utmost best into recovery efforts. In this issue of Interaction Asia, we would like to tell our readers about the current conditions in Tokyo and assistance provided to the disaster areas, through the “live” voices of people working and studying in Tokyo.

Special Report on "Crisis Management in Major Cities," by Counselor to the Governor of Tokyo, Dr. Toshiyuki Shikata
Toward Early Recovery - Current Conditions and Efforts Being Made in Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Officials Visit the Disaster Areas
Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials participated in aid efforts after the earthquake.
The officials involved in the aid efforts tell us about the activities they undertook in the disaster areas.
Thoughts and Impressions of International Students at the Time of the Quake
Till now, Interaction Asia has received reports from international students enrolled in Tokyo Metropolitan University on topics such as their research activities in Tokyo. This issue of Interaction Asia includes reports from international students studying in Japan when the earthquake struck, as well as reports from two international students who commenced studies in Japan after the quake. In their reports, the students talked about the conditions at the time of the quake, and their thoughts and impressions then.