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The Interaction Asia is an online newsletter issued regularly to ANMC 21 trainees as well as international students studying at the Tokyo Metropolitan University. It introduces the activities of the ANMC21, best practices of the cities of Asia, and interviews with trainees and students.
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The ANMC21 provides training programs for administrative staff and specialists from ANMC21 member cities for the sharing of knowledge and best practices in specific fields.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government set up the Asian Human Resources Fund. Using this fund, the Tokyo Metropolitan University is accepting highly talented students from Asia. And through research into finding solutions for Asian development and urban problems, carries out human development training.

The ANMC21(Asian Network of Major Cities 21) is an inter-city network aiming to enhance the international profile of Asia by strengthening bonds and cooperation among major Asian cities and to conduct joint projects addressing common challenges such as crisis management, environmental management and industrial development, and apply the accomplishments of such efforts to the prosperity and development of the Agian region.
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International Joint Project Section (ANMC21), International Affairs Division,
Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, Tokyo Metropolitan Government